Hey parcel trackers! Welcome aboard the Speedex Tracking Express – your ticket to seamless deliveries across Greece! Today, we’re diving into the world of Speedex, where monitoring your precious parcels becomes a breeze.

Our aim? To give you the know-how to effortlessly track your Speedex deliveries, ensuring they smoothly navigate Greece’s routes and reach your doorstep without any hassle. So, let’s embark on this journey to make sure your parcels are in safe hands!

How to Track Your Speedex Order

Tracking your Speedex parcel is as easy as pie! Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Find Your Tracking Number: First things first – hunt down that special Speedex tracking number. It’s like the secret code to unlock your parcel’s journey, usually hiding in your order confirmation email or on your receipt.
  2. Visit Speedex Online Platform: Head over to the Speedex website or fire up their user-friendly app – your digital portal to the world of parcel tracking magic.
  3. Input Your Number: Once you’ve landed on the tracking page, pop your special number into the ‘Track Your Parcel’ section. It’s the key that unlocks a trove of parcel-tracking wonders.
  4. Discover Real-Time Updates: Brace yourself for the magical unveiling! Witness your parcel’s journey unfold in real time – from its starting point at the depot to its anticipated arrival at your doorstep.
Speedex Tracking

Speedex Contact Details

Need a guiding hand or have questions? Connect with Speedex’s friendly customer service team through:

  • Phone Call: Give them a ring at 30 210 3407000 during their working hours.
  • Online Chat: Chat live on their website for instant assistance.
  • Drop an Email: Shoot your queries to [email protected] for a more detailed response.

Speedex Tracking from USA, Canada, and UK

When you send stuff from the USA, Canada, or the UK using Speedex, they make it easy to keep an eye on your things. Whether it’s from New York, Canada, or the UK, Speedex helps you track your stuff as it travels across the world.


As our tracking adventure concludes, remember that with Speedex, monitoring your parcels transforms into a delightful journey rather than a daunting task. Armed with your tracking number and the Speedex platform, you’re the captain guiding your parcel through Greece’s scenic routes. Embrace the updates, cherish the journey, and rest assured – your parcels are on their way, eagerly awaiting the joyous reunion with you! Smooth sailing, parcel trackers!