Track your Egyptian and international Egypt Post deliveries easily with Egypt Post Tracking! This convenient online service lets you play detective with your shipments. Just enter your tracking number and get important information like its location, sorting centers, and any potential delays. Follow your package from the origin warehouse to your doorstep, all within Egypt Post’s network or seamlessly transferred to partner carriers. Egypt Post Tracking ensures a smooth and transparent experience for your domestic and international e-commerce purchases.

How can I track my packages with Egypt Post?

Tracking your packages with Egypt Post is as easy as a few clicks. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  • Find Your Tracking Number: Look for the tracking number provided by the sender. It’s usually a combination of letters and numbers unique to your package.
  • Enter Your Tracking Number: Once you have the tracking number, head to the website. Enter the tracking number in the designated field.
  • Track Your Package: Hit the track button. You’ll get real-time updates on your package’s journey, from pickup to delivery.

Egypt Post Tracking Number

The Egypt Post tracking number is a unique code assigned to each package, allowing you to monitor its journey from sender to recipient. This tracking number is essential, as it provides crucial information about your package’s status, including its current location, transit history, and expected delivery date. With this number, you can easily keep track of your shipment and ensure it reaches its destination on time.

To find your Egypt Post tracking number, you have several options. Firstly, check your shipping confirmation email or receipt from the sender. The tracking number is often included in these communications. If you can’t find it there, look directly at the package itself. You may find a barcode or numerical code printed on the shipping label.

Egypt Post tracking numbers typically follow a specific format, consisting of a combination of letters and numbers. While the exact format may vary slightly, it usually begins with two letters followed by a series of numbers and ends with two letters again. For example, “EG123456789EG”. Make sure to input the tracking number accurately to receive real-time updates on your package’s whereabouts.

Egypt Post Tracking

What is the average delivery time for a package with Egypt Post?

Egypt Post provides different ways to send your packages, so you can choose the one that works best for you. If you’re sending something within Egypt, it usually takes about 2 working days to arrive. For international shipping, it might take around 5 working days, but it can vary depending on where it’s going.

If you need your package to arrive even faster, Egypt Post offers an Express Mail Service (EMS). With EMS, your package will get to its destination within 24 working hours after it’s sent out. So, whether you’re sending something nearby or far away, Egypt Post has options to make sure it gets there on time.

Customer Service

Egypt Post has different ways to talk with them. You can call their center, email them, or go to their website. They’ll help with any questions about your delivery, shipping costs, or anything else you need. Egypt Post has been doing this for a long time. They’re a good choice for sending or getting packages in Egypt or anywhere else in the world.

About Egypt Post

Established in 1865, the National Postal Authority is Egypt’s oldest and most important provider of financial and postal services. With over 150 years of service, it has become an integral part of Egyptian families and culture. The National Postal Authority is a key pillar of the national economy, offering high-quality financial and postal services to all Egyptians. Its extensive geographic reach allows it to deliver services quickly across the entire country.

In recent years, the Authority has made significant strides in digital transformation, adding innovative solutions to its service offerings. The National Postal Authority provides a range of postal services, including international and domestic express mail, parcel services, registered mail, and cash on delivery. They offer affordable prices for all citizens, along with first-class financial services like savings accounts, current accounts, instant remittances, and electronic collections with notifications.


Egypt Post tracking provides reliable tracking, efficient delivery services, and excellent customer support. Whether you’re sending parcels within Egypt or internationally, Egypt Post offers various shipping options to suit your needs. With its long history and commitment to innovation, Egypt Post ensures that your packages reach their destinations safely and on time.