Reveal the swift journey of your Blue Streak parcel across the UK with Blue Streak Tracking! This easy-to-use online tool allows you to track your shipment in real-time, from origin to final destination. Whether it’s urgent documents or essential equipment, Blue Streak’s extensive network ensures efficient delivery. Simply enter your tracking number to access valuable information on its location, including terminals and sorting facilities. Stay informed about estimated delivery dates and receive notifications for key milestones, ensuring a seamless and transparent experience with Blue Streak Tracking.

How can I monitor my Blue Streak shipments?

So, you’ve placed your order with Blue Streak Couriers and now you’re eager to keep an eye on its journey to your doorstep. We understand the excitement of waiting for a package, and we’re here to make the tracking process as smooth as possible for you. Here’s how you can monitor your Blue Streak shipments:

  • Find your tracking number: The first step is to locate your Blue Streak tracking number. This unique identifier is like a digital fingerprint for your package and is essential for tracking its progress.
  • Enter your tracking number: Once you have your tracking number, simply head to our website to enter it into our tracking tool. This will provide you with real-time updates on your package’s whereabouts.
  • Stay updated: The tracking tool will keep you informed every step of the way, from pickup to delivery. You’ll receive updates on your package’s location and estimated delivery time, so you’ll always know when to expect your delivery.

Blue Streak Tracking Number

A Blue Streak tracking number is a unique identifier assigned to each shipment processed by Blue Streak Couriers. Think of it as a digital ID card for your package. This tracking number allows you to monitor your shipment’s journey from pickup to delivery, providing you with real-time updates on its whereabouts and estimated arrival time. With this tracking number, you can have peace of mind knowing exactly where your package is at any given moment and when it will reach its destination.

You can typically find your Blue Streak tracking number on your shipping confirmation email or receipt. It’s also often printed on any shipping labels or documentation accompanying your package. The format of a Blue Streak tracking number usually consists of a combination of letters and numbers, followed by a series of digits unique to your shipment. For example, a Blue Streak tracking number may look something like “BS123456789.” If you’re having trouble locating your tracking number, don’t hesitate to reach out to its customer service team for assistance.

Blue Streak Tracking

What is the usual delivery time for Blue Streak packages?

Blue Streak Couriers offers a range of delivery services to meet your needs. Whether you’re in need of same-day delivery or have a time-sensitive package that requires scheduled service, they’ve got you covered. With its standard service, you can expect your package to arrive within four hours, while its same-day delivery option ensures prompt delivery on the day of pickup. Additionally, they offer scheduled services for time-sensitive deliveries, such as medical supplies, legal documents, and lab specimens. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, you can trust Blue Streak Couriers to deliver your packages safely and on time.

Customer Service

At Blue Streak, they’re all about making sure you’re at ease with their service. If you ever have any questions or problems with your shipments, are resolving a delivery problem, or simply want more information about its services, its friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are ready to assist you every step of the way. You can easily get in touch with their friendly team using these methods:

  • Call: Give them a ring at 1-888-258-7875. Whether you have questions about your shipment or need assistance with any other inquiries, they’re here to help.
  • Email: If you’d rather send them an email, just shoot one over to [email protected]. They’ll get back to you as soon as they can with all the help you need.

About Blue Streak

Blue Streak’s journey began in 1984 as a modest courier service in Jacksonville, Florida. Initially focused on northeast Florida, the company provided same-day delivery to local businesses. Since its inception, Blue Streak has remained committed to delivering professional, dependable, and friendly service to its clientele.

In 2005, Harold Boyett, a former UPS employee with two decades of experience, took over Blue Streak Couriers. Recognizing its potential, Boyett aimed to transform the small courier into a versatile logistics enterprise spanning multiple states. With his wealth of transportation management expertise and a passion for nurturing small businesses, Boyett embarked on the journey to establish Blue Streak as a prominent carrier in the southeastern region.

Over the past decade, Blue Streak has not only expanded its geographical reach but also diversified its client base. Initially catering primarily to banks for document and deposit transportation, the company now serves a broader spectrum of industries, including medical labs, restaurant suppliers, and legal professionals.


With user-friendly Blue Streak tracking tools and reliable delivery services, you can stay updated on your shipments every step of the way. Plus, their dedicated customer service team is always here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you’re awaiting a package or need assistance with your delivery, you can count on Blue Streak to provide you with a seamless shipping experience.