Peru Post Tracking

Whether you’re eagerly awaiting a special delivery or ensuring the safe arrival of an important item, tracking services provide a sense of security and convenience. Peru Post tracking, also known as Serpost, offers an efficient and user-friendly tracking system that allows you to monitor your packages as they journey to their destination. Let’s delve into the world of Peru Post tracking and discover how it can simplify your shipping experience.

About Peru Post 

Peru serves as a vital link connecting people, businesses, and communities within Peru and across international borders. Peru’s commitment to reliable and timely deliveries has established it as a trusted provider of postal and shipping services.

How to Track a Package from Peru?

Tracking a package through Peru Post’s system is a straightforward process designed to give you real-time updates on your shipment’s progress. Here’s how you can do it:

Obtain the Tracking Number

The sender of the package will provide you with a unique tracking number. This number is your key to accessing the tracking information.

Visit the Official Serpost Website

Open your web browser and navigate to the official Serpost website.

Find the Tracking Section

Look for the “Tracking” section on the Peru website. This is where you’ll input your tracking number.

peru post tracking

Enter the Tracking Number

Enter the tracking number exactly as provided in the designated field.

Retrieve Tracking Information

Click the “Track” button. The website will display the latest updates on the location and status of your package.

Understanding the Peru Post Tracking Number Format

A Peru Post tracking number typically consists of a combination of letters and numbers. While the exact format can vary, it often starts with a few letters followed by a series of digits. Peru’s Postal Service: Connecting People and Places Yes, Peru post tracking does have a national postal service, and that service is Serpost. Serpost’s reach extends beyond traditional mail services to include package and parcel deliveries, making it a versatile solution for sending items of all sizes. Serpost’s widespread network ensures that mail and packages can reach even the most remote areas of Peru.

Delivery Timeframe with Peru

The time it takes for Serpost to deliver a package can vary based on factors such as the destination, shipping method, and any unforeseen delays. Local deliveries within Peru typically take a few days to a week, while international shipments may require additional time due to customs processes and distance. For more accurate delivery estimates, it’s recommended to check with the sender or visit the official Serpost website.


In conclusion, tracking a package from Peru through Serpost’s tracking system is a user-friendly process that empowers you with real-time information about your shipment’s whereabouts. With its long-standing reputation and commitment to reliable deliveries, Serpost plays a crucial role in facilitating connections both within Peru and around the world. Keep your tracking number handy, visit the official Serpost website, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the status of your package every step of the way.