Unveiling the journey of your SM Express package across India is easy with our tracking tool! Our user-friendly online tool allows you to be your own shipment detective. Simply enter your SM tracking number and crack the code on your package’s whereabouts, from the moment it leaves the origin warehouse to your doorstep within the SM Express Logistics network. Gain valuable information like its location, including sorting centers, and get an idea of the estimated delivery date. Stay informed throughout the entire delivery process with SM Express Logistics Tracking.

How do I track my SM Express Shipment?

Are you eagerly waiting for your SM Express shipment to arrive? Well, fret not! Tracking your package with SM Express is easy Let me show you how!

  • Find your tracking number: First things first, locate your SM tracking number. It’s like the key that unlocks the whereabouts of your package.
  • Enter your tracking number: Once you’ve got your SM tracking number handy, simply head over to the website and enter it in the designated tracking section.
  • Stay updated: Now you can see exactly where your package is, from the moment it’s picked up to when it’s delivered to your doorstep.

SM Tracking Number

The SM Express tracking number is like a secret code that reveals the journey of your package. This unique number helps SM Express and its customers keep tabs on the whereabouts and status of their shipments. Whether it’s a document, a gift, or something more substantial, your package is assigned a SM tracking number to ensure it reaches you safely and on time.

To find your SM Express tracking number, check your shipping confirmation email or receipt. SM tracking usually prominently displayed on these documents and can be identified by its format. SM Express tracking numbers can vary in length and format, but they typically consist of a combination of letters and numbers. Once you have your SM tracking number, you can easily track your package’s journey in real-time on the SM Express website or app.

SM Tracking

How much time does SM Express typically need to deliver a package?

At SM Express Logistics Pvt. Ltd., they strive to deliver your consignments within the specified time limit. However, please note that they are not responsible for any losses due to delivery delays. If you’re looking for speed, express shipping is the way to go. While it may not be the cheapest option, it’s certainly the fastest. With express shipping, your package is flown by airplane for most of the journey, ensuring swift delivery within 24–72 hours.

Customer Service

Need assistance with your SM Express shipment or have any questions? Don’t worry; their customer service team is here to help you every step of the way. Whether you need to inquire about your package, get more information about their services, or seek assistance with any logistics-related queries, the friendly staff at SM Express Logistics Pvt. Ltd. are just a call or email away!

Here’s how you can reach them:

  • Corporate Office:
  • Address: Plot No. 61, Marol Co-operative Industrial Estate, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai-400059, Maharashtra, India.
  • Phone: +91 022-6842-0900/01/02
  • Email: [email protected]

About SM

SM is one of India’s leading logistics companies, with roots dating back to 1996 in Mumbai. They’re renowned for their exceptional services and have expanded their operations to cover various logistics and supply chain solutions. Led by SK Chaudhary and a team of experienced professionals, SM operates from 35 offices across India, along with numerous franchise offices.

They specialize in resolving complex logistics issues by collaborating with shippers, air carriers, railways, and tax agents. SM handles the entire supply chain for their customers and prides itself on offering customized solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Despite their growth over the years, they maintain a personal touch with their customers, providing the reliability of a large company combined with the warmth of a small business.


Track your shipments with SM Express Tracking. Ensuring you stay informed every step of the way. With their speedy delivery services and top-notch customer support, SM Express goes the extra mile to ensure your packages are delivered safely and on time.