Track your GlobalPost package globally with GlobalPost Tracking! Enter up to 35 tracking numbers separated by a space to follow your packages’ journeys seamlessly, from the moment they leave the US until they reach your doorstep (for domestic deliveries) or reach international hubs (for international deliveries). Gain valuable insights like your current location, including sorting facilities and customs clearance (if applicable). Stay informed about estimated delivery dates throughout the process with GlobalPost Tracking, ensuring a smooth experience for your domestic and international deliveries.

How do I track my GlobalPost Shipments?

Tracking your shipments with GlobalPost is easy. With GlobalPost tracking, you’ll never have to wonder where your package is again! Here’s how you can keep an eye on your packages every step of the way:

  • Find Your Tracking Number: Locate your Global Post tracking number. This number is your ticket to tracking your package’s journey.
  • Visit our Website: Head to the website and navigate their tracking page.
  • Enter Your Tracking Number: Once you’re on the Global Post tracking page, simply enter your Global Post tracking number into the designated field. Hit that track button.
  • Track Your Shipment: You’ll now be able to see real-time updates on your package’s whereabouts, from pickup to delivery.

GlobalPost Tracking Number

GlobalPost tracking numbers are little strings of characters that are like keys that unlock the whereabouts of your packages. A GlobalPost tracking number is a unique identifier assigned to each shipment, allowing you to monitor its journey from the moment it’s picked up to the moment it’s delivered. Think of it as your package’s GPS, giving you real-time updates on its location, status, and estimated delivery time.

GlobalPost tracking numbers are typically 13 characters long, consisting of a combination of letters and digits. They follow a specific format of 2 letters, 9 digits, and 2 more letters. For example, EE123456789XX or CD123456789XX. The first 2 letters represent the service indicator code, providing information about the type of service used for shipping. The following 9 digits make up the serial number, uniquely identifying your package. Lastly, the final 2 letters form the check digit, ensuring the accuracy of the tracking number.

With this tracking number, you can easily keep tabs on your shipments and stay informed every step of the way. Plus, GlobalPost allows you to track up to 35 shipments simultaneously, making it super convenient for businesses and individuals alike. Just separate each tracking number with a space, and you’re good to go!

GlobalPost Tracking

How much time does GlobalPost typically need to deliver a package?

When will my GlobalPost package arrive? Well, fear not, because we’ve got the scoop on GlobalPost delivery times. Depending on the service and destination, GlobalPost offers a variety of delivery options to suit your needs:

  • GlobalPost Economy: 5–8 business days for packages up to 1 lb
  • GlobalPost Standard: 3–6 business days for packages up to 25 lbs
  • GlobalPost International Economy: 10–14 days for packages up to 4.4 lbs
  • Priority Mail: 1–3 working days
  • First-Class Mail: 3–5 days

It’s important to note that GlobalPost delivery times are calculated in business days and don’t include the day of pickup. So, if you send a package on Monday with a delivery time of 5–7 days, you should receive it between Tuesday and Thursday the following week.

Customer Service

Need a helping hand with your GlobalPost shipments? No worries! Their customer service team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about your package’s whereabouts or need assistance with shipping options, their friendly representatives are just a call or email away. Don’t hesitate to reach out to its friendly customer service team!

You can reach GlobalPost customer service by phone. Their knowledgeable team is available to answer your queries, provide updates on your shipments, and offer guidance on any shipping-related matters. If you prefer to communicate via email, simply send them a message detailing your concerns, and they’ll get back to you promptly with the information you need.

About GlobalPost

GlobalPost, a part of the Auctane company, is the preferred international shipping carrier for small to medium-sized businesses. With their top-notch customer service, user-friendly technology, and smooth integrations with leading shipping platforms worldwide, they assist retailers in entering new international markets while also saving them money.


With GlobalPost tracking, you can rest easy knowing your packages are in good hands. From finding your tracking number to tracking your shipments every step of the way, they’ve got you covered. And with its wide range of delivery options and top-notch customer service, shipping with GlobalPost is easy.