Track & Trace with Botswana Post Shipments with our tracking tool! This user-friendly online tool allows you to follow your shipment’s journey seamlessly, from the moment it leaves the origin to its final destination within the BotswanaPost network. Every parcel sent is electronically tagged, allowing you to gain valuable insights like its current location, including sorting centers and potential delays. Simply enter your Botswana Post tracking number and stay informed throughout the delivery process with BotswanaPost Tracking, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience for your domestic deliveries.

How do I track my Botswana Post Shipments?

Tracking your Botswana Post shipments is straightforward and user-friendly. With these simple steps, you can stay informed about your package’s status, ensuring relaxation and anticipation for its arrival. Here’s how you can keep an eye on your parcels:

  • Find your tracking number: First, you need to locate your Botswana Post tracking number. This is usually provided to you by the sender or can be found on your shipping receipt.
  • Enter your tracking number: Head to the website or use tracking tool. Enter your Botswana Post tracking number in the designated field.
  • Track your package: Click the “Track” button, and you’ll get real-time updates on your package’s journey.

Botswana Post Tracking Number

Your Botswana Post tracking number is a unique identifier that allows you to monitor the progress of your shipment. It works by providing updates at every stage of the delivery process, from the moment the parcel is dispatched until it reaches its destination. The Botswana Post Tracking Number is crucial for tracking and ensures you are always in the loop regarding your shipment’s whereabouts.

You can usually find your Botswana Post tracking number on the shipping receipt or in the confirmation email from the sender. Botswana Post tracking numbers are typically 10 characters long and include both letters and numbers. For example, a tracking number might look like RR123456789BW. The format can vary depending on the service used, the package’s origin, and its destination.

Botswana Post Tracking

How much time does Botswana Post typically need to deliver a package?

Delivery times with Botswana Post can vary based on several factors, including the destination and the type of postal service selected. Here’s a general idea of what to expect:

  • Domestic deliveries: For parcels or letters within Botswana, the delivery time ranges from 2 to 5 working days. If you opt for express postal services, your package can arrive within 1 to 3 working days.
  • International shipments: Delivery times vary based on the destination:
  • African countries: Approximately 15 working days.
  • Europe, Asia, and North America (e.g., UK, China, USA): Around 10 working days.
  • South America (e.g., Brazil): About 15 working days.

By choosing the appropriate service, you can ensure your package arrives when needed, whether domestically or internationally.

Where does Botswana Post deliver?

Botswana Post is one of Africa’s leading postal companies, delivering to over 193 countries worldwide. As a member of the Universal Postal Union and the Pan African Postal Union, Botswana Post has the logistical capacity to send and receive packages globally. Nationally, they provide services to major regions and even some rural areas of Botswana, ensuring comprehensive coverage across the country.

Customer Service

Botswana Post values its customers and offers various ways to get in touch for support or inquiries. Their dedicated team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have about your postal needs. Here’s how you can reach them:

Customer Contact Center:

  • Tel: (+267) 391 1473 / (+267) 393 0629
  • Toll-Free: 0800 33 55 77
  • WhatsApp & SMS: +267-77537517
  • Email: [email protected]

Head Office:

  • Plot 539552, Khama Crescent
  • P.O. Box 100, Gaborone, Botswana

About Botswana Post

Botswana Post is a government-owned company responsible for all postal services in Botswana. It operates under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Since it’s owned by the government, many of its services are really good. For example, Botswana Post’s track and trace service is one of the best in Africa. They use new technologies to offer lots of options for sending mail.

The history of Botswana Post goes back to 1875 when the country was ruled by the British. Back then, the postal service was all across the country. Postmen, known as “Runners,” delivered letters and packages everywhere. Later on, they started using trains to deliver national and international parcels. In 1966, Botswana’s first official postal department was set up. The postal service grew a lot from then on. They even started a banking service at the post office. In 1980, Botswana Post became financially independent from the government, although it was still a public company.

From 1990, Botswana Post got the money and resources to buy vehicles and build a transport network. This helped them deliver millions of parcels all over the country and the world. They also started using advanced technologies for things like bank transfers and payments. Botswana Post has changed a lot since it started. Nowadays, they’re working hard to use the latest technologies to make sure even the most remote areas of the country have good communication networks.


Botswana Post provides a seamless Botswana Post tracking experience, reliable delivery services, and excellent customer support. Whether you’re sending a letter domestically or awaiting an international parcel, Botswana Post ensures your packages are handled with care and delivered promptly. Stay connected with your shipments and enjoy peace of mind with Botswana Post’s dependable services!